Brandi Advogados is a law firm organized for 30 years, acting in the private law, public law and entrepreneur law areas, within the national and international scope.

Brandi Advogados provides legal counseling for corporations, entities, companies and individuals, national and foreign, which develop their activities in several sectors of economy, as well as for governmental and non-governmental entities and organizations.

Brandi Advogados and its professionals are committed mainly with the quality, professionalism and efficiency of the legal/judicial services provided, resulting in the construction of a long and close relationship with its clients, divided into:

a) the understanding of the client’s business, the regulatory and competitive national and international environment in which the client exercises its activities, and the strategies and policies practiced by the client; and

b) the most appropriate analysis of the matters demanding a legal performance, correctly diagnosing the situations, identifying the objectives to be accomplished, presenting the possible solutions and implementing the most efficient measures to reach their goals.